Mio is a personal knitted sweater, that can expand and grow to a new, bigger size.
Based on the pattern, the sweater can grow in different directions according to one's unique figure. Every time the sweater expands – the user can add a new color and create a visual personal gradient.
The sweater suggests a new alternative to the fast fashion industry, instead of the amounts of clothes (and particularly children's clothes) that are replaced every season.
The concept of Mio combines three main values:
A personal object: Mio means mine. The sweater is timeless and carries the user's personal story. It creates a rare connection, that we usually don't have with our clothes.
Keeping traditional crafts alive: The sweater preserves the crochet knitting technique and keeps it alive in the current era – as craft techniques are constantly disappearing from our cultural world.
Environmental awareness: The textile industry is one of the most pollutant-releasing industries in the world. Mio never turns into waste and can be made of organic and sustainable yarn.

Why Crochet? 
Crochet is a specific technique of manual knitting, utilizing only one hook. The main difference between crochet and other knitting techniques is that new stitches can be added to a knitted piece, without leaving any mark or patch. This, in turn, means, that a crocheted piece can expand in all directions and grow to a new size.
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